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EP2 - Final - For Press_PR.jpg

Alex Over

This fantastic EP came off the back of the second UK lockdown. Alex Over crafted the three tracks with real intent and careful design, taking bits of recordings from his own sound library and crafting them into genre-breaking weapons.

Opener ‘Lucid’ is a brilliantly constructed track that pairs raw, lo-fi and edgy drums with serene pad work. The zoned-out melodies bring a dreamy quality to the physical grooves and make for something truly fresh. ‘Frolic’ is another bristling track that somehow fuses techno, house and breakbeat into something subtly euphoric thanks to the bright, trance-like chords. It’s experimental in design but hugely effective, and ‘Coaxing’ closes down the flurry of breaks. They’re packed with energy that then dissipates during a glassy melodic breakdown before kicking once again next to a turbocharged, face-melting bassline.


EP2 - Final - For Press_PR.jpg


Premiere: Alex Over - Lucid - Perpetual Collective

16 September 2021

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