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Residing in South London, Alex Over is a Composer and DJ who weaves together underground grooves, intricate layering and hypnotic beats to create a fresh perspective on the electronic genre. Having many influences throughout his musical career, starting from film scores and sound design to artists such as Brian Eno, Chemical Brothers, Four Tet, and John Hopkins, which are very much present in his sound and delivery.

Alex's music projects are his heart and soul and, therefore, follow an exciting new direction. He is producing a wider variety of work from Pop, Club, Sync and Publishing to new remixes and a debut album for 2022.

Alex believes in getting the best out of yourself. Now more than ever in this modern technological world, showcasing your work is fundamental and critical within the creative industry.

Perpetual Collective is also keen to help support other up and coming Artists like Alex, so please feel free to submit music via our contact page.

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